Bus Stop Announcer

We offer –Bus Stop Announcer- that makes an automatic announcement of bus stops. A bus driver does not have to press any button to make it run.

  1. Simple Bus Stop Announcer $45


2. Bus Stop Announcer with LED  – $175


Contact: info@bus-announcer.com



Geografic coordinate dimensioning will help the Bus Stop Announcer switch on automatically and make an announcement, as soon as a bus reaches the station.

In addition to the Bus Stop Announcer we offer an information board (LED display) for public transport. When reaching a station zone (predetermined by GPS)Bus Stop Announcer plays a sound file and displays the name of the station on LED panel, so the driver has nothing to declare and doesn’t need to press the “ON” button.

Being installed into a vehicle the Bus Stop Announcer helps a driver to be concentrated on the road and inform passengers automatically about the station. Besides the public transport Bus Stop Announcer will greet your passengers every morning and evening and remind them to pay for the journey, as well as not to forget personal things on their way out.

Bus Stop Announcer can be used in buses, trams and trolleybuses, as well as in sightseeing buses/routes.

Any time the Bus Stop Announcer allows a driver to select an desired route line and make all necessary program setting.

The Bus Stop Announcer may be connected to the standard vehicle sound amplifier. A delivery of the 20W power amplifier with microphone is possible.

We can install a running line program as well as route indicator in your national language into the LED panel. Thus you can run video files on the board.

Shipment from stocks Shenzhen(China), Tokyo,  Gamburg.

Contact: info@bus-announcer.com